Our Legacy

For over 15 years, NP Conveyancing has been trusted to execute meticulous property transactions. Our dedication to best-practice began with our founder Narelle Davis, who became one of the first licensed conveyancers in New South Wales in 1999.

Narelle founded NP Conveyancing, in 2007, with a vision of providing expertise that transforms property transactions into a stress-free experience. In collaboration with Manager Paul Stewart, she opened the first offices operated by a licenced conveyancer in Pottsville and Byron Bay. In the years that followed, Narelle’s daughter Casey Arlsan joined NP Conveyancing and helped to establish an expanding network of local, Australia-wide and overseas clients.

As part of her journey to optimise the conveyancing experience in her community, Narelle has provided multiple employment and training opportunities to local people over the years. Many of whom have gone on to become licensed conveyancers practising in the area, intertwining NP Conveyancing’s legacy with the people and property surrounding our Far North Coast headquarters.

We're on your side

Today, NP Conveyancing continues to guide property transactions that add value to clients’ lives. Empowered by her career in the finance industry, Principal Casey Arslan helps people from Australia and around the world secure their dream home, workspace or investment property through affordable and effective service. She has curated a team of experienced conveyancers and administrators who collaborate to offer every client ongoing support.

NP Conveyancing adopts a personalised approach to your unique property, taking the time to understand your vision and carve the pathway towards your ideal settlement.

Committed to exceptional service

The NP Conveyancing team is connected by expertise and a shared affinity for unparalleled service.


Our dedication to due diligence ensures we explore every opportunity to improve the process and outcome of your property transaction.


Our conveyancing experts keep you informed and protected, making the complex process of buying, selling or transferring property feel simple. 


We value your resources, which is why our goal-orientated services are free from hidden costs and tailored to save you time. 

A process perfected over years of successful settlements   

Invest in an exceptional settlement process with the contract expertise of licensed conveyancers.

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