Fixed-fee conveyancing for New South Wales homes

From family homes to off-the-plan developments, our conveyancers are qualified to assist with the transfer of a diverse range of New South Wales properties. We provide ongoing support and legal advice and guidance throughout every stage of your transaction journey, protecting you from unnecessary costs and maintaining clear communication.

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Houses Apartments Vacant Land Off-The-Plan Property Family Transfers Commercial
Houses Apartments Vacant Land Off-The-Plan Property Family Transfers Commercial

Buying a property?

Through meticulous contract review and risk assessment, we guide you towards the completion of your ideal settlement. Our friendly conveyancers are available to answer questions and communicate with relevant parties, so you can focus on the excitement of securing the keys to your new home. 

Selling a property?

Sell with confidence knowing your contracts have been prepared and reviewed by licensed conveyancers. Guided by your unique settlement, we keep you informed on sale conditions and help streamline the negotiation process. Whether you’re a novice or experienced seller, you’ll enjoy convenient and comprehensive service.

Buying or selling a New South Wales property?

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Frequently asked questions

For over 15 years, NP Conveyancing has been trusted to execute meticulous property transactions.

If you’re buying or selling a property or land, a conveyancer is essential to ensure a smooth transfer of ownership. As specialists in property law, their services include contract review and explanation, preparing and lodging legal documents, undertaking relevant searches and coordinating your settlement.

A licensed conveyancer is a legal professional who specialises only in conveyancing (the process of transferring property ownership) and is qualified to advise you on legal issues that arise during the process. They can only advise those buying or selling property in the state they are licensed in. A lawyer may have knowledge in broader areas of law, such as wills and family law, and can offer legal advice on the acquisition or sale of properties based anywhere in Australia.

We offer fixed-fee conveyancing and at a fair price, so you can enjoy the benefits of highly qualified and experienced conveyancers without worrying about hidden costs. Before commencing work, we provide you with a written quote that outlines the complete cost of our conveyancing services. While some quotes may vary depending on your unique needs, our prices start from $1595 inclusive.

When selling a house, hiring a licensed conveyancer will save you time and protect you from expensive legal issues. Your conveyancer is responsible for completing the legal transfer of property ownership from you to the buyer while helping you meet all legal obligations. They are qualified to advise on contract term negotiations, special contract conditions and legal risks.

Whether you’re a first home buyer or seasoned investor, you’ll need a licensed conveyancer to take care of the complex conveyancing process. Their expertise will make the entire process of buying a home run smoothly, including guiding you on due diligence you should consider (e.g. pest and building inspections), making an offer and protecting your deposit. A conveyancer can also work with your mortgage lender on your behalf to manage the approval and distribution of your funds. 

In New South Wales (NSW), stamp duty (also known as transfer duty) is the tax charged to property buyers by the NSW government that, in most cases, must be paid the earlier of settlement or within 90 days of exchanging a contract for sale.

As NSW conveyancers, we can advise you on the cost of your stamp duty and find out if you are eligible for exemptions or discounts — contact us to learn more.

Before your first meeting with a conveyancer, be prepared to provide documents for proof of identity, such as your drivers licence and passport or birth certificate. Following your first meeting, your conveyancer will give you clear instructions for the details and documents required moving forward, which may include timelines, property information and source of funds evidence.


When you receive a request for details or documents, it is important to respond as soon as possible. If you have any questions about requests from your conveyancer, please let us know and we will happily help you through the process.

Once you’ve decided to buy or sell a property in NSW, contact our conveyancers as early as possible to prepare for a successful settlement from day one. While you can legally engage a conveyancer at any time, we recommend buyers contact us before making an offer. Our conveyancers will help you make a strong offer on the right property through services like property research and contract reviews.


For sellers, we recommend getting in touch with us before listing your property for sale, as your Agent must hold a contract in order to market your property, and your conveyancer will be able to prepare this for you. We conduct searches on your property before the selling process begins that may reveal issues or risks that need to be addressed. Engaging a conveyancer before your property is listed allows us to immediately respond to offers and avoid unwanted delays.